Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae

Another tasty entry for Ben & Jerry’s: Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae. Unaware of its existence, I ran across this Limited Batch in Walmart. I typically don’t shop there as I HATE Walmart. Unfortunately, this is an exclusive flavor only for their stores.

Still, the ice cream itself was quite tasty. We’ve seen the pairing of peanut butter and chocolate in other B&J flavors, but what makes this one a little different is the peanut butter is chunky style! Also, instead of being paired with chocolate candy, ice cream or chocolate swirls, this time they’ve teamed it with chunks of chocolate brownie.

So although we’ve seen this flavor combo before, this one felt different and new. The brownie chunks were smaller than expected. I was hoping for the same size pieces you get in the Chocolate Fudge Brownie pints. Nevertheless, this batch is definitely worth trying. With the peanut butter swirl you get a touch of savory with the sweetness too. Plus, it’s ingredients are Fair Trade!

You may have noticed I didn’t link to this flavor directly. That’s because as of this writing, it’s not listed on the Ben & Jerry’s website.

December 11, 2014 In My Opinion

The Mystery Files Audition Sesson

Today, it’s the premiere of another episode of our old time radio show, THE MYSTERY FILES. It’s our new annual tradition for Halloween. Each year we’ll be doing an different episode of THE MYSTERY FILES. We provide all the voices, male or female. We even make it sound like it was recorded in 1935. Throw in a campy script, sound effects and a noir-sounding theme song and THE MYSTERY FILES is on-the-air terrifying you right back into the great depression!

Join Inspector Hatch and his wife Evelyn (who he married shortly after the events of “Episode 6: Nightmare At Sleepy Creek“) as they travel by train to a remote jungle resort to attend a fancy party featuring the world’s most exquisite jewels and gems. On the way they meet the resort’s owner and the coordinator of the gala who unveil a mystical jewel said to carry an ancient curse. Anyone in possession of it, is hunted relentlessly by an evil jungle creature.

When a tree blocks the train tracks and one of the crewmen is killed by an unknown beast, the group quickly realizes the legend of the old curse is true! Now they must race to the hotel to call for help with some… ‘thing’ in close pursuit. Will Inspector Hatch and Evelyn escape the ‘jeopardy in the jungle?’ Find out here.

October 27, 2014 Who Asked You?

The Mystery Files "Talk On" Line

Your name is Sam (man or woman), you’re a fireman on a 1930-something locomotive chugging through a tropical jungle. Something pushed a tree over and it’s fallen across the tracks. The engineer slammed on the breaks and stopped just in time. Everyone aboard climbs off the train to have a look at the tree and possibly what could’ve done this. Whatever knocked the tree over is now watching you. You can clearly hear it moving through the bushes, breathing heavily. It doesn’t sound friendly and is definitely not human.

Now that you know your motivation, enter THE MYSTERY FILES “Talk On” Role Contest. It’s your chance to deliver Sam’s only line of dialogue using your best acting skills. Record yourself saying the line:

“I don’t like the sound of that. Lets get out of here!!!”

Do an accent if you want, be creative. Just make sure there’s no noise in your background and your microphone level is at a good setting. After recording, enter your first and last name and a valid E-Mail address we can reach you at if you win.

Speaking of winning… we’ll choose our favorite submission and the winner not only gets their entry used in our old time radio show on October 24th, but they will also get a signed copy of the episode’s script and a vintage Who Asked You? poster! The contest ends October 16, 2014 so hurry and ENTER HERE.

October 13, 2014 Who Asked You?

360 North AE Project

After about seven years, the 360 North network in Alaska is finally getting a fresh, new look. I’ve been summoned to once again create the on-air look and feel. In the coming months 360 North will be upgrading their video servers and overhauling their website, so this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade the channel branding as well.

The 360 North television service is a 24/7 network featuring programming about and of interest to Alaskans. The network’s signal originates from KTOO-TV in Alaska’s capital city of Juneau. During the state’s legislative session, 360 North becomes Gavel Alaska and provides C-SPAN-style coverage of legislative proceedings. When the channel first launched back in 2007 I was tasked with coming up with its on-air look. Since it was a brand new service everything had to be designed, including the 360 North logo.

360 North station ID

360 North station ID from 2007

It took around a dozen different designs before I crafted the above logo to KTOO’s desired specs. The original graphics package included a dozen or so station IDs featuring different scenery from all around the state, fullscreen backgrounds, promo overlays, lower thirds, menus and more. It was an SD project and is currently still being used.

But that’s all changing soon! I’m excited to be working on a new look and have been thinking about it for quite some time. The new graphics package will be HD and much more streamlined. It’s a clean modern look that will bring 360 North up-to-date while making it easy for staff there to maintain the look and render their own station IDs as needed and create custom program titles for special recordings in the @360 Studio. Gavel Alaska is also getting a graphics makeover and will borrow a good portion of the overall 360 North design to tie the brands more closely together. I’ll be sharing the final design here on my site after it hits the air up there!

October 1, 2014 Gigs

Ben & Jerry's Candy Bar Pie

If you read my last review of Ben & Jerry’s new ‘core’ flavors, you’d know I wasn’t a fan of them (with the exception of the Peanut Butter Fudge Core). That’s why I was quite happy when I shoveled Candy Bar Pie into my face.

Introduced in their Scoop Shops in 2013, Ben & Jerry’s decided to offer it in pints for a limited time. I wonder if this is a test to see how well it sells before making it a permanent offering? If that’s the case, I hope it sells well because I really enjoyed it and would buy it again!

The peanut butter ice cream has good flavor to it. It’s not too weak or overpowering. The chocolate flakes are not so thin you can barely taste them. They’re thick enough to add just enough crunch to let you know they’re there. And the chocolate flavor is rich and doesn’t overtake the peanut butter ice cream. I do wish they were a little more generous with the sweet and salty pretzel swirls. They were pretty prominent at the top, but barely existed about halfway down. It could’ve been my particular pint. I think sometimes it comes down to the luck of the mix.

For instance, sometimes you get half of a toffee bar in your Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch (Formerly Coffee Heath Bar Crunch). I imagine it’s a similar feeling an archeologist gets when he or she unearths a new dinosaur bone when your spoon dislodges that giant chunk of chocolate covered toffee.

As I said, the peanut butter ice cream in Candy Bar Pie has great flavor to it. That always seems to be the case with Ben & Jerry’s. Again, if you look at the coffee ice cream in Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch it’s really quite good! I was disappointed when I tried Cold Stone Creamery’s coffee ice cream a few months ago. It was almost flavorless and I remember thinking while eating it that it didn’t taste nearly as good as Ben & Jerry’s coffee flavored ice cream and cost twice as much!

As for Candy Bar Pie, I would definitely recommend it. It’s rich and quite satisfying. But remember, it is a limited batch so don’t wait too long to pick some up. I may stockpile a few extra pints myself.

September 14, 2014 In My Opinion

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