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9 Heres For 9 Years

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This is a special post in my continuing “Wish You Were Here” series to celebrate the 9th anniversary of STAR TREK™ ONLINE. There’s a space-based postcard for each year that the game has been around. I’ve only been playing it for a little over a year, but as you can see, I get around. It feels like I’ve accumulated nine years worth of memories with all the places I’ve warped to.

Here’s to another nine years of exploring, shooting, doing the jester dance, winning that next Dabo spin, arguing over politics in chat, hoping you’ll hit gold on that next upgrade, hearing that Ferengi shout “Welcome to Drozana!” again, slipstreaming across the quadrant, FINALLY getting to hit a “Fill All” button on Reputation Projects, Klingon ice fishing next winter, refining another 8,000 Dilithium, haggling for more Jevonite, cuing up for a TFO, Admiral Quinn’s epic mutton chops, finding a good deal on the exchange and snagging the T6 ship you always wanted from that next Lock Box.

 And, this seems like as good of a time as any to tell you to come back soon because I’ll have my own very special STO-related announcement!