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As you may or may not know, when I’m not doing Hollywood’s biggest voice-over gigs, I’m just your friendly neighborhood cameraman. And since 2020 has one of those election things coming up, my home state of Nevada had just about every single presidential candidate (there were several at the time) pass through it earlier this year. And, since it’s 2020…… we’re all social distancing in an attempt to not catch coronavirus so I haven’t left my house in over six months.

To try and stave off boredom one day, I was sifting through my phone’s picture gallery and came across a whole block of images documenting the zany few months I spent pointing my TV camera at politicians… and Tom Steyer. Below is that collection of images. It gives you a little peak behind-the-scenes at ALL the various news outlets doing their thing to cover the 2020 presidential election in Nevada leading up to our state’s February caucuses. Mostly it shows people standing around, lots of cameras, messes of cables and I think there’s a selfie or two in there as well. For my part, I was freelancing for a digital news service that provides both raw and edited news pieces to TV networks, stations and websites all over the country as part of the Google News Initiative.

TV production sure has come a long way over the years. No more satellite trucks; those have been replaced by the blue and black backpacks you’ll see some of the videographers wearing. Cameras have gotten smaller, even the big cameras like mine are more compact and lightweight. They don’t record on tape anymore either. Hours and hours of HD footage can now be stored on a card the size of your thumb. And you no longer have a mountain of microphones on the podium. Instead, we get a briefcase with plenty of outputs for everyone. There’s a picture of that below too!