NAB 2019 Shenanigans

Here’s a lil’ video of our adventures at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas as shot by my good broadcasting buddy Barry Funkhouser. Follow him on Instagram if you don’t already. The video starts out with him at Sam’s Town. Then I enter with Starbucks in-hand. Then there’s a few clips of us at a couple of pre-NAB parties including a Verizon shindig at Topgolf. The stuff from the expo itself starts at 4:30.

And, every year I do some ‘trick-or-treating’ at any booth that has candy or schwag. Below is this year’s haul. I’ve got lip balm for the rest of my life as well as pens, stickers, a couple beer cozies and a blue ball from Blubrry; not to mention the cool Nikon schwag bag and a stack of trade magazines (not pictured)… you know, copyrights and all.

My haul from NAB 2019