Quark's Bar

STAR TREK™ ONLINE: Wish You Were Here! #6

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We’ve been searching for a Ferasan man who claims to have information about some Jem’Hadar. He’s proving to be more illusive than the Jem’Hadar themselves. We’ve been painstakingly cruising around the Alpha Quadrant trying to find this guy. While doing so, we stopped off at Deep Space Nine for the weekend. The crew is enjoying the dining and shopping on the station. I immediately headed for Quark’s Bar. They carry a stout brewed with Raktajino that will knock your comm badge off! One of the best beers I’ve had in the galaxy. The only other place to get it is in Klingon territory. Not only is that REALLY far away right now, but it’s also not the safest place. I don’t really want to bump into any Gorn pirates just for a beer.

Apparently all of DS9 has recently undergone a bit of a face lift. While the promenade seems smaller compared to the last time I was here, the lighting is much nicer and the shop directories are much easier to read. Everything just looks cleaner and… sharper. I will say, using turbolifts all day, everyday leaves your legs a little… unprepared for the spiral staircases on DS9. By the time I reached the third level of Quark’s my calf muscles were pretty angry. I might start walking my ship more often; at least to Engineering and back or something.

Now if only I could find that Ferasan. It’s been a long search and still no sign of him. This could drive a man to drink. Speaking of… here comes the waitress with my stout.